The Warehouse, Unit 52 Oak Street Manchester M45JA

About XYLO

Our Offering
With over 10 years of experience in building brands, products and individuals, We are still independent, with a thought led, business driven approach to creative design, branding, communications and anything that one can touch or view. We don't have to answer to anyone apart from the client and ourselves. 

Our Structure
We have a set up where the team involved work directly with the client. No account handlers. No middlemen. This method ensures a fluid creative working process from the idea to the execution as well as a seamless flow of communication. 

Our Clientele
Our initial client base was primarily in the nightlife industry. Times have changes, things have progressed and we now are proud to encompass a diverse clientele that includes music, fashion, entertainment, leisure, public sector, charity and youth brands. 

Our Attitude
Every client is unique, with their own story, their own aims, and their objectives. We like originality, so we always look each client differently, cut to the heart of the issue and deliver an idea or a solution from the word go. This is what we do best. 

XYLO in short


Communication advice
Corporate Identity
Graphic design
Marketing advice
Strategic advice



Our location


The Warehouse, Unit 52 Oak Street Manchester M45JA